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Thank you for taking a minute to get to know me a little bit!  My Name is Ryan Thompson. Im just a local guy.  Grew up in Eagle (just a few miles west of Boise), back when it was just a little unknown farm town. When I was a kid, I remember watching the space for building my tree fort. playing in the river, and riding my dirt bike transforming into roads, subdivisions, shopping, and restaurants. With growth in town being a part of life, most conversations where about who was selling and what was being built. I was fascinated with all of it.  I naturally became part of the construction & real estate industry at a young age.   Looking back now, not in a million years would I have guessed that this early interest in growth and simply being born and raised here would become such a big contributor in my career success I get to enjoy today as a realtor.  


As a young adult and newlywed, my wife & I updated and resold our first little home, flipped a couple more homes, and even built from scratch.  My knowledge in real estate was growing for sure, but I was still most comfortable calling myself a contractor.   I went through the Construction Management program at Boise State University continuing my involvement in residential and commercial projects all over the Boise area.  Ive been fortunate to experience many aspects of construction and management. I really enjoy being a full-time realtor, but I still enjoy building stuff, and still Im just a good old contractor at heart.  Ive gotten to know many contractors and can easily recognize value and good craftsmanship in existing properties as well as building from scratch.  I have noticed that my past experience with re-selling, remodeling, and building enhances the kind of service I am able to offer my clients as a realtor.


Yep, eventually I became a realtor.  My first "full-time" gig was selling build jobs for a large home building/developing company in town.  That job allowed me to dive into new construction and adopt a streamlined process that successfully turns wants and needsinto a beautiful place to call home. This process has  helped and continues to  help many of my clients successfully build.  After a while,  I moved on to being a buyers agent. I could now help buy anything, already existing homes or build jobs.  This opened up more options when searching for the “right” home for my clients.  This role then evolved into  being a listing agent.  With most of my buyer clients wanting to sell their current home before buying or building the next one, taking on this listing agent role was very natural. and Ive found myself still really liking this part of the business.  After having success as a listing agent, (now that I had all of this  “experience" under my belt) I decided it was time to run a sales team. At my highest point I was training & leading 13 realtors at a time. In each role, I have been publicly recognized for my production abilities and have received awards.  Anyways, if for some reason you want to see any of my production trophies or plaques let me know, and I show you, otherwise Im done talking about myself. I mention this only so you can hopefully understand that Im just a simple local guy,  who knows how to work hard, and has had success in getting it done.  Its been a great ride.    Its been lots of rewarding, hard work and I feel blessed to have worked with so many great people in my different roles in such an awesome industry.


Thanks for taking a min to get to know me a little bit.  If we aren't already working together, Maybe we should.  Hit me up for lunch.  Lets talk about what you want to accomplish. Maybe, we end up being a really good fit for each other.  Talk to you soon!



I have four kids. My wife and I enjoy rooting them on in their activities.  I like to laugh.  I enjoy people and making new connections as well as deepening existing relationships. I enjoy pretty much anything competitive.  Like good stories. I love being outdoors as often as possible except when its time to go to sleep.  I like sleeping indoors in a comfortable bed. 




Mean People & Broccoli




"Seek first to understand, then to be understood.”

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